188bet affiliate program:How to become a billionaire from dealer 188bet

188bet affiliate program .When you become a betting agent via 188BET, you will act as a salesman. In addition to   ng a client, you also need to know how to take good care of your customers throughout the time they play. 188BET. Finding a client so they can sign up for a new 188BET account will give you an unlimited income. However, this is not a multi-level When you become a 188BET dealer you are a salesman, besides your primary job is finding a client. How to take good care of your customers while they play at 188BET.
Finding a client so they can sign up for a new 188BET account will be a great source of income for you.
However, this is not a multi-level business like in Vietnam. As a 188BET agent, you do not have to pay anything to buy a product or pay any fees. The tutorial, learn about 188Bet affiliate program agent policies will also be shared on our website for you to know

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The benefits of the agent 188bet

You will earn huge commissions when becoming a 188bet agent. The more you introduce your customers, the higher the commission you will receive.
When 188BET casinos earn a net win from the customer, the dealer will receive the corresponding commission. And commission rates are up to 48% and you will not need to spend a lot of money to invest

How to register 188bet affiliate program

Step 1:
You fill in the necessary personal information,

Full name (Your name must match the bank information you want to use for commissions.)
Contact information: phone numbers, e-mail addresses, online chat channels (skype, Zalo, Viber, etc.) facilitate contact on issues regarding commissions, or questions about the program. Agent 188bet.
The language you want to refer to, which member you refer to which country you choose it offline!

188bet affiliate program now

Step 2:
Company Name Information: You can fill in or leave blank, just like your 188BET account name, you can leave blank if not available.
WebPartner: If you have a website that promotes 188bet italia , fill in the blank and select “I do not have a website” and fill in the box where you will bring your 188BET customer.

Step 3:
Finally, just click on the “I have read and accepted” box and enter the confirmation code below and click “TRANSFER”. Swear is complete, is it simple?

Quickly becoming a 1188bet affiliate program will be your chance to get more work done to increase your income and make your life better. Good luck